Disability claim Procedure

Permanent and Total Disability Claims/ILL Health Retirement

The Fund must be reported of any possible disability of a member by the Human Resource Office of the concerned ministry/agency within six months of occurrence. The following documents should be submitted for notification.

  • A completed and signed Risk Benefits Claim Form
  • A certified copy of the member’s passport/ID
  • Doctor’s Medical Report(s)
  • Salary printouts for 3 months prior disability

Following the notification of the disability of a member, the Human Resource Office should submit the following documents to the Fund;

  • Benefit Claim Form stamped and duly signed.
  • Original certified copy of the member’s valid Identity document
  • Original certified copy of the spouse Identity document
  • Member’s Bank Account Confirmation signed and stamped. (date stamp within 3 months of issuance)
  • Deduction Form reflecting any monies owed to or owed by the Government
  • Proof of contributions, certified Salary Print Outs
  • CR denoting promotion and commission minutes
  • CR denoting 1st appointment and commission minutes
  • Commission minutes approving ill health retirement
  • Salary progression
  • Garnishee order for maintained child/children.
  • NMDS Statement
  • Bank Account confirmation for child’s guradian/parent(date stamp within 3 months of issuance)
  • Certified copy of the guardian/parent’s identity document
  • The confidential medical report

Following submission of the retirement claim to the Fund by the Human Resource Office, the member may follow up with the Fund after 4 weeks through WhatsApp Line +266 57702778 and Toll Free 80002778


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