Disability Benefits

What happens if I am injured or I contract a disease while still a serving officer?

The disability benefit assists you and your family if you are unable to carry on working due to illness or disability.

Should you be found to be permanently and totally disabled due to sickness or accident while you are still employed, the trustees may agree to your retirement on grounds of ill health at any time prior to your prescribed retirement age. The employer must be provided with medical evidence and must be satisfied that you are permanently and totally disabled.

You will receive a lump sum benefit equal to:

  • Your fund credit
  • A risk benefit equal to two times your annual salary as at date of disability;

The payment of the risk disability benefits will be subject to the insurance company underwriting the benefits and agreeing that a claim is valid, after having assessed the required medical evidence.

Note:  Deferred pensioners will receive their fund value that consist of the value of their share as at the date they resigned from the fund plus the investment returns earned over the period to date of retirement.


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