Frequently Asked Questions


A public officer employed prior to 1 April 2008, on permanent and pensionable terms and is aged 40 or below at the commencement of this Fund A public officer who joins the public service on permanent and pensionable terms 10 years or more prior to attaining the prescribed compulsory retirement age as set out in the relevant laws governing the retirement of public officers, is a member of the Fund Section 5 (3) of the Public Officers Defined Contribution Fund Act No. 8 of 2008 provides that the Minister of Finance shall, in a phased manner or in a manner he or she may deem fit, classify public officers into categories and appoint a date on which a category may qualify for membership of the Fund, hence the inclusion of officers aged 45 years and below in 2009/2010 Refer to Section 5 of the Public Officers’ Defined contribution Pension Fund Act No. 8 of 2008

Notify your Human Resources officers. They will submit your particulars to the Salaries Department

All withdrawal claims are to be sent to the Director of Pensions, Finance House, 3 rd Floor before submitting them to the Pension Fund Secretariat Offices at Pension Fund House, Level 4. Constitution Road.

Submit all pay slips reflecting pension deductions and passport to your Human Resources Department

Yes, all benefits payable by the Fund in terms of its Rules may be subject to tax depending on the tax laws at the date of payment

Past Service Liability is only meant for retirement. You forfeit your previous service benefit upon resignation

The fund offers two types of annuities (on-going pension): Joint-annuity which recovers both you and your spouse. Upon your death, your spouse will receive a certain portion of your pension Single Life annuity covers only the retiree



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