Death Claim Procedure

Death claims

The Fund must be reported of any possible death of a member by the beneficiary or the concerned ministry/agency within six months of occurrence. The following documents should be submitted for notification.

  • A completed and signed Risk Benefits Claim Form
  • A certified copy of the member’s passport/ID
  • A certified copy of the member’s death certificate
  • Mortuary letter
  • Salary printouts for 3 months prior death

Following the death notification, the Human Resource Office should submit the following documents to the Fund;

  • Benefit Claim Form
  •  Original Certified copy of Death Certificate
  • Certified Copy of member’s Identity Document
  • Certified copy of marriage certificate or Confirmation of marriage letter from Home Affairs
  • Certified copies of Identity Documents for all beneficiaries
  • Birth or baptismal certificate in respect of minor children
  • Deduction form reflecting any monies owed to or owed by the Government
  • Dependents and Nominee Form signed by the Member and the Human Resource Officer
  • Bank statement or account confirmation reflecting beneficiaries’ full names and account number (date stamp within 3 months of issuance)
  • Proof of contributions, certified Salary Print Outs from treasury
  • CR denoting 1st appointment and commission minutes
  • Salary progression
  • District Administrator’s letter
  • Family letter appointing beneficiaries
  • Master of the High Court’s letter in the case of minor children being beneficiaries
  • Garnishee Order citing the Fund in case of maintained children

Following submission of the death claim to the Fund by the Human Resource Office, the member may follow up with the Fund after 2 weeks through WhatsApp Line +266 57702778 and Toll Free 80002778



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