28 February 2024

Public Officers’ Defined Contribution Pension Fund Reaffirms Commitment to Good Governance

The Public Officers’ Defined Contribution Pension Fund (the Fund) is aware of recent media reports regarding certain aspects of the Fund’s governance and investments.

The Fund recognises the importance of effective communication with its Members and stakeholders, hence remains committed to providing transparent information and timely updates on its operations. This undertaking is demonstrated, among others, by adoption of the Annual Member Engagement Forum (AMEF), a platform where the Fund reports on its activities and solicits stakeholder feedback.

While the media reports have raised various issues, central has been questions regarding the Fund’s relationship with service providers. The Fund wishes to reassure its Members and broader stakeholders of its commitment to good corporate governance principles. Most importantly, the Fund assures its Members that their retirement savings are secure and diligently managed, through implementation of robust investment strategies and regular monitoring of the performance of investments for the long-term financial well-being of the Members.

The Fund operates under the oversight of the Board of Trustees dedicated to safeguarding the interests of Members and ensuring that all decisions are made in their best interests.

About Public Officers’ Defined Contribution Pension Fund:

As part of its ongoing commitment to transparency and accountability, the Fund continues to avail information regarding its investments and operations on its website at

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