Withdrawal Procedure

Withdrawal Claims (resignation, dismissal)

The Member must give notice of intent to resign to the Human Resource Office. The following documents should be submitted to the Fund by the Human Resource Office once the member’s resignation has been approved by the relevant commission.


  • Benefit Claim Form stamped and duly signed.
  • Original certified copy of the member’s valid Identity document
  • Member’s Bank Account Confirmation signed and stamped. (date stamp within 3 months of issuance)
  • Deduction Form reflecting any monies owed to or owed by the Government
  • NMDS Statement
  • Proof of contributions, certified Salary Print Outs
  • CR denoting promotion and commission minutes
  • CR denoting 1st appointment and commission minutes
  • Commission minutes approving resignation or noting dismissal
  • Salary progression
  • Garnishee order citing the Fund for maintained child/children.
  • Bank Account confirmation for maintained child/children (date stamp within 3 months of issuance)
  • Certified copy of the child’s identity document

Following submission of the withdrawal claim to the Fund by the Human Resource Office, the member may follow up with the Fund after 2 weeks through WhatsApp Line +266 57702778 and Toll Free 80002778



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